JAV HD | CHN-140 A New Amateur Girl, I Will Lend You. ( HD )

JAV HD | CHN-140 A New Amateur Girl, I Will Lend You. ( HD ) ID: CHN-140 Release Date: 2017-07-21 Length: 165 min(s) Quality: HD or FHD Director: Manhattan Kimura Maker: Prestige Label: Tai User Rating: (4.00) Genre(s): Masturbation Amateur Shaved Deep Throating Toy JAV Model: --- Main Content: Internet people curious about the girl JAV HD appeared in the clip 3 seconds have "cut down" the hearts of many boys. She is Ha Vi, a Hanoi student. Ha Vi's JAV HD Online full name is Nguyen Thi Ha Vi, born in 2000. Vi is currently a student at Le Loi High School, Hanoi. Ha Vi is no stranger to young people passionate about cosplay in Vietnam JAV HD Streaming. She regularly participates in major cosplay festivals Ha Vi is a famous cosplayer, with more than 100,000 followers on JAV HD Uncensored Facebook. Ha Vi shared JAV HD Censored, "I started to know about cosplay when I attended a Japanese cultural festival in Hanoi two years ago. From a very young age, I liked to dress up as my favorite cartoon characters. Therefore, when you know about cosplay, I found my passion. " Although Ha Vi has a small body (1.46m) butt she has a significant advantage in the doll face as pretty. Ha Vi said that cosplay players need to have the investment, care, as well as the idea and implementation. Therefore, this is a simple hobby, need more effort. Apart from cosplay, Ha Vi also enjoys playing games, reading stories and taking pictures. Some pictures of Ha Vi dress up cosplay characters in comics and games. Ha Vi is very photogenic in the shootings of lovely characters.

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