JAV HD | [Nishita Karina] WDI-066 Nishita Karina Dorisi – HD

JAV HD | [Nishita Karina] WDI-066 Nishita Karina Dorisi – HD
ID: WDI-066
Release Date: 2017-08-04
Length: 130 min(s)
Quality Video: HD or FHD
Director: HAM.the MC
Maker: Waap Entertainment
Label: Id
User Rating: (6.40)
Genre(s): Solowork Masturbation Electric Massager Bukkake Slender
JAV Model: Nishita Karina
Main content:
Many times in the past, young disabled girl JAV HD had bravely recounted the pain to warn of the risk of harm to people with disabilities.
People with disabilities are harmed - Say no one believes
In many recent sexual JAV HD Online assault prevention programs in Ho Chi Minh City, the appearance of the girl Le Thi Thom, with a disability in the leg, has garnered much attention. Fragrant fragrant brains tell the past repeatedly harmed and breathtaking escape but the pain has never calmed down.
Fragrant has been repeatedly harmed in the past. The first time in class 5 JAV HD Streaming, when Thom did not know what is invasive, the man working for the three hugged Arom, limbs and palms ... Fragrant is difficult to find a way out of the "love green beard" . Many times this person also cuddled, kissing Aromed before everyone's eyes and everyone said ... he loves children.
At the age of 18, Thom suffered a 70 year old man into the bedroom harassing, attack. He hugged the girl JAV HD Sex embracing her, hugging her waist, calling her name ... and thinking of her fragrance still suffocating and disgusting. Thom cleverly hand support, pretending to talk to distract and escape.
Last time more than two years ago, Tet in 2015, Thom was a close friend of her - her always praised good-hearted, virtue to hug, say the words and color.
Even though fortunate to escape from the bad guy's JAV HD Censored hand, the memory left in the girl is still the abomination of the wicked and the pain of the subjectivity of adults, parents ... Most people usually think of people with disabilities. Sexually abused because they are pitiful, and who harm.
"But the risk of people with disabilities, especially female friends, is greatly compromised because they are weak, less able to defend themselves. When a person with a disability says they have been abused, believe them, "Thom said earnestly.
Always bring a condom with you
Because fragrant bravely stand before people JAV HD Uncensored tell about the past harm? Actually before that, Thom has told the "painful secret" with his teacher is Dr. Pham Thi Thuy (lecturer of National Academy of Public Administration) with a long letter written on many pages.
Thuy encouraged Thom to speak and invited Thom to appear in some anti-abuse events such as the talk "Risk and escape" at the book Nguyen Van Binh, at the project "Do not leave your children alone. "By the French singer ...
In the letter to the teacher, after telling her stories of abuse and Beautiful model escape, Thom revealed that she now had her condom ready in her pocket for the reason: , Unable to escape, she will calmly bring the condom to the wicked to protect her health.
In addition, Thom found himself responsible for sounding the alarm about the abuse, especially with the disabled victim. "I am a person with a disability, participate in many activities for people with disabilities, meet with many friends in the disability community and understand their suffering. If you are afraid and silent who will speak for you? "
Thom said, Thơm know there are mental girls still pregnant. Thơm's friends had girls with disabilities who were courted by others, seduced by pregnant women and abandoned. There are cases of disabled girl pregnant, the family thought by the brickmaker working on the building but until the birth of the new baby is the son of his brother-in-law. He has abused his wife for many years.
Fragrant with the desire to relatives, communities need attention, pay attention to the emotional life, sex, the needs of people with disabilities more.
She is not afraid to say that they have disabilities but the need to be loved, the need for sex ... like many people. While people are just paying attention to the physical health of people with disabilities, there is a big gap. This also leads to the risk of being vulnerable to harm.

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