JAV HD | [Orihara Honoka] MADM-050 ( HD )

JAV HD | [Orihara Honoka] MADM-050 ( HD )
ID: MADM-050
Release Date: 2017-07-21
Length: 120 min(s)
Quality: HD or FHD
Director: Miyafuji Haruo
Maker: Crystal Eizou
Label: Madam Maniac
Genre(s): Vibe Solowork Masturbation Big Tits Electric Massager Squirting Subjectivity Landlady Hostess Hot Spring
JAV Model: Orihara Honoka
Main Content:
Duong Thuy Duong (Lensly) and her fiancé Duong Quang Phu (born 1985) JAV HD spent two months traveling in Japan Lien, Ninh Thuan, Da Nang, Hue) perform the wedding photo collection.
Starting from the hobby of traveling, exploring many cultures, Thuy Duong - Quang Phu choose many places to perform wedding photos. The lineup consists of two main characters, a photographer and a makeup artist.
The process of making a photo album in Japan JAV HD Online is a memorable celebration for the couple. "The day went to Japan because the weather changed dramatically, so both had high fever. Have to rest about 1 day before moving to the point of capture.
When it comes to Mount Fuji, it must stand for several hours when the cloud is clear to the new context. They both climbed the mountain to have a poisonous moment but then had to climb down because they did not see anything. Fortunately, we came to the weather that day, so we were able to capture many moments. Many couples before come here have to leave, "the couple recall.
Being a traditional costume of cherry or golden pagoda for wedding photography is also an interesting experience with JAV HD Sex.
In Vietnam, the most photographed scene is in Hang Rai (Ninh Thuan). Both must go on sharp rocks, there are areas quite dangerous if not careful, it is easy to slip.
Love story of pair "JAV HD"
Duong and Phu have known each other for nearly a year and decided to "go home" in early July.
After just one month of formal dating, Duong and Phu decided on a house together. Nevertheless, between them there is a process of acquaintance with each other.
Duong said that the first time they touched was on a trip to JAV HD Uncensored Thailand in July 2016. That day, Duong was at the hotel when a man knocked on the door. "When I heard my sister's name, I opened the door. Never expected to meet a strange man, while in the form of drifting surf. Reflexively, I hastily shut the door and yell 'save ... save ... someone wants to rape' ".
JAV HD Censored The incident delayed Duong's flight back to Vietnam. She made a noise at the hotel, demanding police arrest this man. The hotel manager explained that Phu just knocked on the door. Because of the passport of this man, Duong then sent a message claiming that he returned to pay for his plane ticket as a way to compensate for damage.
The story of the couple getting married starts here. Since the first encounter, Duong and Phu started texting back and forth. But a few weeks later, the number of messages began to sparse and gradually dropped.
7 months after the familiar "lightning", Phu is the initiative to send messages back to Yang. At this point the look of sympathy is no longer the same, so the Ocean for the hush. Until recently, when Phu plans to attack strongly, Duong "collapsed" always do not know.
Dating couple dating go out, go out to eat, watch movies like other couples. Probably both of you have a bond with each other or something. Although hate each other but close to the floor to see the feeling and real love, "said Yang.
Duong shared, "At first I hated him extremely, know the lurid nature. The first comment I heard from him was that I was short, just plain ugly. Hired to hate each other but home, the two are unresolved taciturn on Facebook. At first I have no thought will decide to move forward with this "beautiful girl".
Model picks Duong to decide to receive Phu's love just by saying. He once confessed to his girlfriend: "He is also big, also not much opportunity. I feel you are worthy. I'm about to be home. " With Yang as a proposal. After that, Phu came to the house and asked the family Yang.
Quang Phu admits himself as a veteran, familiar with many girls but no one has as much emotion as Duong. "I do not deny that many people think that they have the number of flowers. I do not hide Yang used to know many girls. Since I've seen her, she's no longer interested in the satellites around her. "

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